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Who is an RN Patient Advocate? A specially qualified clinical RN who protects and guides you in your health care. 

The iRNPAs in the RN Patient Advocate Group Practice all have completed the RN Patient Advocate Learning Intensive which is jointly provided by the University of Arizona College of Nursing.  Each iRNPA has decades of clinical experience in many different fields. RN Patient Advocate Services 

An iRNPA ensures you a thorough diagnostic process and educates you to ask those questions you don’t know how to ask.  An RN Patient Advocate personally  researchs all your treatment options and provides the communication link between all your physicians.  Working closely with you and your family, iRNPAs teach you what is happening, how to achieve your best possible level of health and how to be an advocate for yourself.

iRNPAs are well respected in all sectors of health care today and work collaboratively with all members of your health care team.

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Are you certain that your diagnosis is complete and accurate?

Purple Healthy Heart Daniel was scheduled to have a pacemaker/defibrillator implanted.  He called RN Patient Advocates to ensure this was absolutely necessary.  His iRNPA researched the diagnosis and treatment plan and was able to teach him that certain valuable tests had not been done.  She referred him for a second opinion with another cardiology group whose physician did the indicated exams, determining that this was not necessary at this time.  That was 2 years ago and his cardiac status is stable.

Expanded Health ApproachesPuzzle Paradigm

We are able to teach and guide you and your family in all aspects of available medical care today: 

Traditional Western Medicine (medications and surgery) - the best approach when dealing with acute medical conditions.

Integrative Med Simple

Integrative Medicine - the science based combination of traditional western medicine and complementary/alternative medicine

Functional Medicine Chronic Care Model - this emerging medical model is designed specifically for healing chronic, autoimmune, degenerative illnesses

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Vera was told there was no current treatment for her cancer.  She called RN Patient Advocates and was assigned a personal RN Patient Advocate (iRNPA) who researched Vera’s treatment options, referred her to two leading edge specialists and guided her through her treatment.  With the help of her iRNPA, Vera was able to reverse her illness.


Learn all of your options of treating cancers.



Eleanor was diagnosed with erosive esophagitis several years ago and given prescription for a stomach acid blocker.  She was unaware that these medications also reduced bone density until her bone scans showed progressive osteoporosis.  She called RN Patient Advocates to help her learn the treatment options.  Her iRNPA researched the possibilities and taught her that, with the proper form of calcium along with other supplements, she could begin to reverse the osteoporosis.  Referring her to an osteoporosis specialist, her iRNPA also taught her to ask for labs that would track her progress in addition to the standard DEXA.  One year later, the osteoporosis is slowly reversing.
The iRNPA also worked closely with Eleanor’s primary doctor to explore options for healing the esophagitis without that medication.  A plan was made and, one year later, Eleanor’s esophageal symptoms are reversing.


Learn the many approaches in treating chronic illness.

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