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RNPA Intensive - Learning Experience

“In a year’s time after taking the RNPA Learning Intensive, my career, my health, my family, my very life has been transformed. I am forever grateful” — Karen DiMarco, RN, iRNPA

“The way of the future of absolute must if you want to make and be the difference in righting the wrongs of healthcare. Kare is a wonderful mentor who has put her soul into this program. Passion, Vision, Perseverance.” — Lana Benton, RN, iRNPA

“The forethought, experience, openness, philosophy and preparation provides all the tools, thought process, and confidence to begin and succeed as an iRNPA.” — Leta Gill, RN, iRNPA

“My experience attending the iRNPA program was a refreshing one, to say the least. This program was packed with life changing information that is not readily taught or available to RN's. This program equipped me with the tools I need to be an iRNPA!  If you are ready for a change after working for many years in the clinical setting, and are driven to help patients and families, this is the program for you!  Karen is a wealth of knowledge that is unmatched in the advocacy process.” — Jamie Long

“Thank you so much for putting together such an incredible RN PA intensive course!  It is truly intensive but so worth it!  I learned a lot and will be using the Medical Time Line and lab spreadsheet with as many clients as i can.  All great information and can’t wait to get my speaking engagements lined up now that I have your fantastic power points!” —  Nan Wetherhorn, Health Care Advisor,

Are you losing bone? Have osteopenia or osteoporosis? Wonder if your treatment is working? Options. Always helpful to have options.


bonesAlthough they appear quite solid, bones are constantly breaking down and rebuilding in a process called remodeling.  When more bone cells are being discarded than are being created, the first condition that occurs is osteopenia, the precursor of osteoporosis. DEXA Scans are very helpful to determine how much bone mass you have the day of the test.  However, you wait another year or two until the next DEXA to see the effect of your therapy.

When bones remodel, there are chemical byproducts.  One of them is called deoxypyridinoline or Dpd.  There is a test to measure this - a simple urine test that most insurance covers.  It is called the Pyrilinks D. You can learn right away how fast your bones are breaking down or whether they are building at the right rate to maintain bone mass. This can be repeated in three month intervals to evaluate the therapy you are currently using.  

The DEXA plus the Pyrilinks D will give a much more complete  clinical picture than just the DEXA alone.  Ask your physician if the Pyrilinks D is indicated for you.

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